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500 VAC ~ 600 VAC frequency inverters

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500 VAC, 525 VAC, 575VAC, 600 VAC vector control frequency inverters (frequency converters, VFD drives)

simple technical features:
  • 3 phase
  • voltage range: 500VAC - 600VAC
  • voltage fluctuation: <= 3%
  • input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • frequency fluctuation: +-5%
  • built-in PID feedback closed loop control.
  • built-in parameter copy function.
  • 2 x RS485 ports
  • common DC bus
  • independent duct
  • Standard ModBus. CanOpen, ProfiBus available
  • overload capability: 150% for 1 minute, 180% for 10 seconds, 200% for 0.5 second.
  • Brake unit: built-in brake unit is optional for 15kw - 75kw inverter; External brake unit is optional for 90kw - 630kw inverter
  • cool method: forced air cooling
  • protection class: IP20 (IP65 is optional)

Competitive advantages:
failure rate: < 1%, just the same as other world-class traditional brands, such as Siemens, ABB, Emerson, Schneider, Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley), Lenze, Parker, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Omron.
Certificates: CE certificate from ECMG, NVLAP. NVLAP Lab code: 200068-0. ISO/IEC 07025:1999, ISO 9002:1994.
18-month after-sale warranty period.
supply to REGAL, Ingersoll Rand, Foxconn, Tata group, Airmate fan plant, Kai Shan Air Compressor, Shengyang machine tool group, Yizumi (manufacturer of injection molding machines, die casting machines)...
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