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PID closed loop control inverter, universal variable speed drive (VSD)

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E5-H series PID closed loop control universal variable speed drive (VSD), is an universal inverter with simple vector control, can also realize constant pressure water supply.

Available voltage range: 
380 VAC - 480 VAC (323 VAC - 528 VAC): 380 V, 400 V, 415 V, 440 V, 460 V, 480 V

E5-H series Optimized V/F control universal VSD (VFD) include following outstanding features: 
1, Sine wave PWM control with vector control; 
2, Built-in PID closed loop control function; 
3, Wide voltage adaptability, AC260V~480V input, DC350V~750V input; 
4, Containing a variety of fan and water supply energy saving mode and energy saving rate selection; 
5, With sleep and wake up function. 
6, Vector control performance and insensitive to motor parameters.
7, Volts per Hertz (V/F) control with simple vector control functions.
8, Parameter copy function. 

conveyor belt, water supply in civil, industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, water boosting for high rise buildings, fire fighting system, air compressor, fan and pump, blower, sprinkler and irrigation system, plastic injection molding machine, central air conditioning, sugar industry, food and beverage industry, metals industry, mining industry, paper and forest products industry, petroleum and chemical industry, wood processing.
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